A rising tide raises all ships.

We use our own successes to help motivate and inspire others, teach them, and be a positive example. Life is not a contest, what helps this around me helps me, and we shall all look to give back and provide value, love, and service to those around us for the sake if it, and not for ourselves.



Strength is never a weakness.

Above all we strive for a stronger body, mind, resolve, and commitment in all aspects of our lives. This is a practice not a destination. work every day on building the buffer between our existence and anything that does not move us in the direction we wish to travel in. Strength of thought, calm mind, clear vision, and able body, with complete control of our actions. This is true strength.


Never Stop Learning.

No one knows it all, we’re never done learning, and we never pretend to have it all figured out. Approaching every situation with a closed mind and an open mouth allows us to take in even the smallest bit of knowledge from everything around us, there are lessons to be learned, we have to let them in.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Being humble of speech and loud of action, we do what we say we’ll do. Don't wait until something is perfect, don;t over analyze, act. There is only today, there is only now, and practicing our virtues is what makes them real, not writing or speaking them.


Mastery of the basics.

The mundane fundamentals are to be practiced often, well, and we should always look to achieve a better understanding of our own movement. Every great thing is built of the small bricks and blocks of it creation, built on the thousands of small actions and decisions that have come before it. Before the fancy can happen, we have to love the process of practicing the mundane. 


Fitness and strength have always been a part of my life. From starting Martial arts at 5 years old, school sports, hitting the weight room for football in high school, to just about every venture you can think of. I've done the big box gym thing where I just followed routines from the fitness magazines, I found bodybuilding and powerlifting, then Strongman, then CrossFit. I coached for 5 years, I was a personal trainer, I run High School Athlete programs, I work with Class AA High school varsity Football team, and through it all I want only to better myself in the end.

Helping others along the same path, allowing them to learn from the mistakes I have made, the successes I've found, this is my calling. I've never been about working with elite athletes in what they're already great at, although I am not against working with them on something they lack a proficiency at. 

In every venture, I am a guide. 

I offer solutions, insight, a listening ear, and pose questions for you to ask yourself about what your true goals are in life and in the fitness world. 

I believe it is important to not make separate the mind and body, the thought processes and the actions, that food and movement and training should be done out of love for the body you're given, not out of distaste for lack of conforming to what you believe it should be.

Approaching fitness in a way that is enjoyable, fun, innovative, and serves your life is what will make you last longer in this world, doing the things you love, with the people you love. 

Don't be a flash in the pan, burn slow, steady, and have a mind for your health as a whole. 

Mind, Body, Thought, Movement, Awareness, Love, we each can decide in our own way what life means, and the lens we view it through.

You can find me smiling and enjoying this life while building my gym in Colorado Springs, CO, which is set to open in late 2018. 

I am approachable, and I love making new friends that want to share in the journey of seeking to thrive in all aspects of our lives.

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

Jim Rohn